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We could start by warming the soul with the soups (onion, vianda, or pasta balls) or enjoy the colors and flavors of the vegetables (salads, roasted vegetables, Trinxat...) or enter directly with sausages, girella, without neglecting the traditional gratin cannelloni.

As the name's place indicates the specialty is grilled, where we have a range of all types of meat (lamb, veal, beef, rabbit, quail, feet of pork) that we hope will be unforgettable, and for those who prefer to enjoy the fish, they can chose cod and trout of our rivers.

For the more adventurous that arrives at desserts we can offer traditional and craft desserts: crŔme, flan with ratafia and nuts, yogurt, honey and cheese, cheese tasting, etc.....

Imatge central          Imatge central

Imatge central          Imatge central

c/ del Camp n/23 Esterri d'Àneu (Lleida - Pallars Sobirà)
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